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It's time to get fit! Starting mid January and running for 3 months, this FREE program is designed for me to get fit. Yep that's right, I needed a way to not only get motivated but stay motivated and what better way than to get you on board as well!

Of course it's not just for me! But that's how this idea came to fruition, from feeling so bad all the time and never having enough energy to even start a fitness routine, let alone stick to one! I had to come up with a way to better myself that I'd stick to, one that has support but doesn't cost money, require a gym membership or require a huge commitment of my time.

Welcome to Fit Mama!

The idea is simple, you do some form of physical activity every single day, be it cardio, strength or just stretching, whatever is within your capacity and you don't break the chain!  After 3 months of doing this every single day you'll create a new habit, a new normal, a new you!

There'll be a unique hashtag that we can all use to share our progress, recipe ideas, inspirations and our struggles and we keep each other motivated. It's about a strong community supporting each other on our journey to wellness. 


Wellness warriors to guide us!

I'm super excited to have Lady Nowe on board as one of our wellness warriors, who'll be guiding us on our path to better health with yoga routines and more!

Are you already a wellness warrior and would like to contribute to this endeavour?
Email Weed Mama, the more the merrier!


Of course it will include cannabis!

Many use cannabis as a way to get motivated to workout, reduce pain and inflammation to help with maintaining fitness, plus including cannabis as a part of a healthy diet. There will be strain guides and recipes!

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