Welcome to legal cannabis, Weed Mama's inner 20-something is weeping with joy, we've been waiting many moons for this and finally it's here! We've provided a guide to what the laws are around cannabis in B.C

Current B.C cannabis laws

Legal age to buy cannabis:

19 + yrs

Amount you can carry in public:

30 g

Where can you buy cannabis:

Online and retail

How many plants can you grow?

4 per household

Visit the government of Canada's website to see the laws for each province and for more details regarding
the current laws for  possession, licensing and growing.


What's legal:
Cannabis flowers & oils

Cannabis flowers and cannabis oil is legal to buy in Canada. Cannabis flowers can be smoked in a joint, vaporized or infused into topicals and foods. 



What's not legal (yet):
Edibles, concentrates & topicals

Canada has delayed the sale of edibles, concentrates and topicals for at least a year until they figure out packaging and dosing. Edibles can be made yourself, Visit our page eat your greens to learn more.

Where can you consume cannabis?

Cannabis vaping and smoking is restricted to the same places you are allowed to smoke cigarettes. You can't use cannabis near places where there's children such as playgrounds, skating rinks schools and municipal parks. You can't use cannabis in a vehicle or boat however you are allowed in a camper that's parked or a boat with a sleeping compartment.

Check your strata or rental agreement Your strata or landlord can prohibit cannabis smoking, vaping and growing plants in your building.