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New infused beverages offers a unique cannabis experience

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Kass and I (The Mom Buds) tried the latest offering from Little Victory called Dark Cherry, one of three in a line of tasty beverages from this brand.

What I love about the cannabis beverages on the market is it offers a way to socialize without alcohol and use cannabis instead. There’s several low dose options on the market which allow you to enjoy a couple without it going to your head too much.

Something for everyone
Houndstooth and Soda by Tweed

You can go for a simple flavoured sparking water such as Grapefruit by Houseplant or if you’re feeling more adventurous you can try Houndstooth and Soda. There’s also a new “beer” on the market by Mollo 5 by Hexo, allowing you to enjoy the buzz of an edible, rather than the buzz of a beer.

I was skeptical of beverages at first as I like to slowly sip a drink, so I’m not getting the full dose all at once however it turns out that’s fine. They have a little bit of a different feel than a food edible such as a chocolate, they tend to be more in the head (for me anyway).

Try them in Mocktails

If you choose a low dose or CBD only option, you can mix it with alcohol for a different kind of a cocktail or skip the alcohol and just go for the benefits of the cannabis plant instead. Mix with juices and ice and create all kinds of different drinks for those hot days lounging around in the summer time.

Have you tried any cannabis beverages, what’s your favourite? Leave a comment below and let me know what your experience is with infused drinks.

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