Topicals have arrived to the Canadian cannabis market but are they worth the money?

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I really want to add a topicals review section to Weed Mama however I’m disappointed by the offerings currently available on the legal market. They’re too low in THC and CBD and way too high in price.

Topicals come in a variety of options such as; cannabis infused bath products, salves, creams, lube, massage oil, hair products and makeup. I use topicals to manage joint pain and I love love love an infused bath.

My mother uses infused salves to manage knee pain as it helps her reduce the amount of pain killers she needs, her doctor even recommended cannabis topicals. The problem is the products on the market currently aren’t cutting it.

Check out this clip from The Mom Buds where I discuss why I’m not happy with the topicals on the legal market.

Basically it’s around the price and the dosing, it’s not nearly as good as the legacy market when it comes to topicals, not even close. You can still buy legacy market topicals from online shops such as Birch and Fog.

Here’s a comparison of a CBD cream from the legal market to the legacy market

*note-I haven’t tried either product

LivRelief Transdermal CBD cream contains 250mg of CBD in a 50g jar and costs around $60

This cream by Calyx contains 600mg of CBD in a 75g jar and costs around $65.

I’d love to review topicals but I don’t want to spend that amount of money for a product with such a low amount of CBD. Not only is the low amount of cannabinoids and high price tag a turn off, the ugly jars the Canadian government forces on us, really turns me off. Until the legal market offers something better, I’ll be avoiding them and sticking to the ones I used before, or I’ll make them myself.

Make your own topicals

Over on The Mom Buds we recently did an infused massage oil workshop with Blyssful Alchemy and it turned out pretty good! Blyssful Alchemy teaches several DIY workshops for a number of different topicals that you can sign up for. If you grow your own cannabis, making it yourself is a great option. There’s a few different options for making your own cannabis oil, including on the very high end using a Levo oil machine or simply making it in a mason jar in the oven, it’s more time consuming but works quite well. Reveal cannabis is also a good source for DIY recipes, she even provides a dosing calculator which is super handy.

Once there’s good options for topicals on the market, I’ll add them to the reviews section, until then I’ll stick to using my favourite legacy brands.

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