Introducing cannabis 2.0 edibles and concentrates

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The image is what’s currently available on the BC Cannabis online store. I haven’t tried any yet however I’ll be reviewing them soon, meanwhile if you’ve tried any of the new products available, please comment below!

Finally we can buy edibles and concentrates legally, however there’s currently not much available (as of December 22, 2019). Products will trickle in slowly and here’s a little bit about what you should know before you buy.


I’ve written several posts about edibles and will be adding it to the main menu soon, read this post here to get the beginner’s guide to edibles.

Edibles are not to be taken lightly, they’re the most potent way to take cannabis next to concentrates and they last for hours. It’s very important to know that it can take a full 2 hours for it to kick in, the biggest rookie mistake is thinking after an hour it didn’t work and taking more. Always wait a full 2 hours.

Dosing is tricky
Generally speaking 5mg is a good starting dose. Take less if you’re sensitive and prone to anxiety/panic attacks, more if you’re bigger and don’t have anxiety issues. For example a 5’1 woman weighing 95lbs would likely need less than a 6’2 man weighing about 200lbs. The petite woman may want to try less, around 2mg and the bigger man may want to go up to about 10mg. However the bigger man may actually have a lower tolerance than the petite woman.

This is a general guideline, on the one hand edibles are expensive and you don’t want to waste your money, on the other hand if you take too much you’ll have a bad experience. The golden rule is start with 5mg and if you can, take it with CBD, around 20mg or more.


The most important thing to know about trying concentrates (currently available in the form of vape pens) is that they’re strong, very strong. You can get many different formulations, some with less THC than others. Look for pens that are at least of 1:1 THC to CBD.

If you’re trying vape pens as your first experience with cannabis, go light and only take 1 draw off the pen, wait 15 minutes (that’s about when it will peak) and see how it makes you feel.

Are Vape pens safe? Yes, legal vape pens have been tested for safety, the current issues around vaping related illness come from illegal vaping products sold with dangerous additives.

Beware disposable pens

Besides being bad for the environment, the batteries in these devices tend to fail half way through the pen, wasting your money. Choose rechargeable batteries and cartridges that can be replaced without tossing the whole device.

Side effects of too much THC

I know this is going to happen, people are going to get their dose wrong or try something that’s too strong and feel like crap. It’s important to remember very important fact: cannabis doesn’t have a lethal dose! You can’t die from THC so relax and know you’re safe.

Common side effects

  • dry mouth (some strains are better than others)
  • red eyes (usually at higher doses)
  • increased heart rate (too much THC can make your heart race)
  • shaking (at too high of a dose)
  • nausea and vomiting (at too high of a dose)
  • paranoia (too high of a dose)
  • forgetfulness (depending on strain and amount)

What to do if you’ve taken too much
Relax, take deep breaths, remind yourself that you’re safe. Drink water, be somewhere calming and distract yourself. The other thing you can do is take a big dose of CBD, this calms down the side effects of THC. The best thing to do is take CBD before consuming THC, or use CBD sublingual under the tongue for faster results.

If you’ve taken edibles the worst of it will pass in a few hours and it will peak around 2 hours after you’ve taken it.

If you’ve inhaled too strong of a dose, it will peak after about 15 minutes and start to wear off after 1/2 hour to and hour.

Start low and go slow

It’s easy to overdo THC, so take it easy on your first time because you don’t know how much will be too much for you. If you do have a bad reaction, try less next time or try a different method. Maybe instead of edibles, tinctures are better. Think of it like alcohol; if you’re first time you do a row of tequilla shots, you’ll feel pretty sick. However if you just had a nice glass of wine, you would’ve had a better experience.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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