Great White Shark a Cannabis cultivar for Housework

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Ah yes, laundry mountain, that thing that happens when you try to fit other things into your life, like working or anything really. Housework is something I despise, more than that I resent it for taking up my valuable time. Alas, I can’t hire a housekeeper so it’s on me to do what we all have to do unless we want to embrace Oscar the Grouch’s lifestyle choice and live inside a garbage can. So housework we must do but how to make it more bearable, more than that, fun(ish) while still being productive?

Enter cannabis

My go to strain for when I’ve got things to do is Great White Shark by San Rafael, this cultivar is high in CBD at around 12% and low in THC at around 6%. One of the good things about legal cannabis is there’s now plenty of high CBD strains to choose from. The best way to enjoy these strains is vaporizing on a low temperature. Dry herb vaporizing is safer than smoking as the cannabis is heated below the point of combustion so you never inhale smoke.

When you need to get shit done, especially as a parent you want to make sure you’re not taking something that will impair you. High CBD strains 10%+ and low THC strains 5 or 6% or less give you that nice relaxed feeling, wears off clean and doesn’t go to your head.

Vape Pens

The other option is vape pens, these devices use concentrates instead of dry herb. You can get very high CBD options including CBD only, if you don’t want any THC. Vape pens are safe, the recent heath scare had to do with unregulated vape pens using vitamin E acetate as an additive. Never buy unregulated vape pens, only buy from the legal market. Vape pens have been used for years without incident, I’m personally excited about Dosist pens, these are popular in the United States and will be in Canada soon.

Don’t want to inhale?

Tinctures are a great option if you don’t like the idea of inhaling anything into your lungs. I don’t recommend edibles until you’re very familiar with your dose and how it works in your body. Edibles last for several hours and can take up to 2 hours to fully kick in.

Tinctures on the other hand are felt much quicker, up to 15 min and usually last about ½ hour to one hour depending on how much you took. There are several tinctures on the market that don’t have a taste or are flavoured as that can be a downside to them.

Many people don’t realize that you can use cannabis the same way you can use a glass of wine or beer, you don’t have to get drunk to enjoy alcohol and you don’t have to get high to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. High CBD strains are the best way to give you a little calm in a hectic day so you can be more productive.

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