Fleuria Infusions creates an elevated chocolate you simply must try!

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I recently moderated a panel for Mary Jane Brunch, a great event where women talked about cannabis and parenting. Included in our gift bags was this lovely box of chocolates by Fleuria Infusions. These gourmet chocolates were absolutely divine and just the kind of thing you want to take as an edible. A decadent chocolate with just enough THC to let you feel as though you’re floating on clouds.

At first I cut them in half and then I took the whole 10mg, I felt so good I can’t even describe it, like everything is just fine.  The chocolates come in a box of 6 from their prism collection. There’s two earl grey milk chocolates, two mango passionfruit white chocolate and two salted caramel dark chocolate. All melt in your mouth delicious!

The chocolates are lab tested and they’re made with THC distillate which is an extract that strips away impurities leaving a product that doesn’t alter the taste of your food.

These little chocolates were so good I simply had to share, visit the Fleuria Infusions website to learn more.

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