Legalization 2.0- here’s what you need to know about the cannabis products soon to hit store shelves

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We’re finally here, when all of the fun cannabis products are legal to buy as of October 17th, 2019. However don’t run to your local cannabis store for that THC chocolate bar just yet, we won’t be seeing any of these products on store shelves until mid December.

So what’s going to be allowed under Canadian law? Well…

Edibles (including beverages):
  • Maximum 10mg of THC per package
  • No added vitamins and minerals
  • No nicotine or added alcohol
  • Limits on caffeine
  • Must be in child resistant, plain packaging (this law applies to all cannabis products)

Isolates are a cannabis extract used in edibles

Extracts meant for ingestion:
  • 10mg of THC per unit (example a capsule) and 1000mg per package
  • No added vitamins or minerals
  • No caffeine or nicotine
  • No added sugars, sweeteners or colours
Extracts for inhaling:
  • 1000mg per package
  • No added vitamins or minerals
  • No nicotine or alcohol
  • No added sugars, sweeteners or colours
Topicals ( creams, salves, makeup, shampoo, bath bombs etc)
  • 1000mg of THC per package
  • No nicotine or alcohol
  • For use on skin, hail and nails
  • Not for use in eyes or damaged skin
  • Must not make health or cosmetic claims

So what do these laws mean for what we’ll be able to buy in stores and how will it be packaged and produced? We’ll have to wait and see but judging by what we’ve seen already, best to have some lowered expectations.

Edibles and extracts meant for eating

This refers to anything you eat or drink that contains THC. Extracts like isolates are used in edibles as they’re odorless and don’t have any taste, so it begs the question- how bad is your THC chocolate bar going to taste if no sweeteners are allowed?

Limiting THC to 10mg per package is highly restrictive. Some people require 100mg or more to feel the effects, they’ll have to buy 10 packages to get the dose they need. Not only is that expensive to have to buy that much, you’ll feel sick to your stomach after eating all of that too.

So much waste

If you don’t care about how many packages someone will have to buy, you should care about the colossal amount of waste from excess packaging this law will create. Due to the restrictive nature of the laws around cannabis packaging that nit pick right down what kind of ink can be used to print with- cannabis is sold in an excessive amount of packaging that’s difficult to recycle. Considering Canada is trying hard to eliminate single use plastics to cut down on the environmental impact, the amount of packaging needed to be compliant with the laws was a huge oversight. The government needs to prioritize our environment over it’s need to control cannabis.

Extracts for inhalation

This includes vape pens, dabbing (not the weird dance move, it’s a form of vaping concentrates) and the concentrates you can add to joints and your vaporizer to boost the effects. Due to the recent illnesses and deaths caused by vape carts sold on the unregulated market, I expect there to be tight rules around these products and the additives used.

Vape pens are good things

Vape pens use concentrates and can be quite strong, however they’re great for microdosing and CBD

What I enjoy is a nice CBD vape pen, especially if it’s minty, it feels like your getting a breath of fresh air and the CBD helps to calm your nerves. However with Canada’s heavy regulations, especially after the recent issues with vape carts, I don’t think we’ll be getting minty fresh vape pens any time soon.

What vape pens do offer is a quick and easy way to get your dose, it’s odorless, doesn’t require preparation, doesn’t need time to heat up, you simply throw it in your bag and take puffs as needed. There’s been no issues with legal vape pens and I recommend them as an easy way to try cannabis without spending too much money and worrying about it lasting too long, like with edibles.


There’s nothing better than cannabis infused bath bombs and salves for tired, sore muscles and joints and thankfully we’ll be getting these products soon. However the restrictions around packaging and sale will make it a bummer to buy. Don’t expect sexy bottles of massage oil or pretty jars of cream and bath salts you can keep out on your counter. Instead expect an eyesore that will be difficult to open and covered with warning labels that you’ll likely want to keep hidden in a drawer.

The other law stating it can’t be used on damaged skin is a difficult one as CBD creams are used to treat eczema- a nasty skin condition that causes itchy, sore, scaly and cracked skin. CBD works wonderfully for this condition, I use it myself to control it around my eyes and I know many moms that give their kids CBD infused baths to help relieve the itching. There’ll also be cosmetics infused with cannabis like lip balms and foundations however they won’t be able to make cosmetic claims. I’m not sure how that’s going to translate to the marketplace once products hit the shelves, we’ll have to wait and see.

Check back with Weed Mama as future posts will discuss the various products available to buy, how to use them and what’s the best products to buy as gifts this holiday season.

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