Take a look at Weed Mama’s first event- Ganja Yoga in the Garden

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Weeks of planning and days of looking at the weather forecast worried it will rain later, the first event for Weed Mama- Ganja Yoga in the Garden was a success! Thank you Liv fromCannacentric BC for leading us in a relaxing and nurturing yin yoga session. Also big thank you to Vancity Rolls for providing the guests with your prerolls. I’ve had many enthusiastic requests to do this again, and I hope to next summer! Being able to consume cannabis while doing yoga is a novelty, especially in Vancouver where the regulations around cannabis use are quite strict. Finding venues that will accommodate cannabis smoking or vaporizing is really difficult and so I was happy to provide the space for this to happen.

I’d also like to thank the other companies that made Ganja Yoga in the Garden a success:
Jessie Macpherson Tarot
Sovrin Extracts
Emerald Health Therapeutics
Kats Consumables
Lilith and Eve

Why Cannabis and Yoga?

Certain things pair beautifully with cannabis, yoga, especially yin yoga and meditation are both things that are enhanced with a bit of THC. Cannabis helps you to relax and feel at ease, which will enable you to get more from your practice. THC can cause dizziness so it’s important to be careful when doing yoga poses that are inverted. With yin yoga, most poses are seated or reclined and you hold poses longer so it’s more meditative, which makes yin yoga the perfect style of yoga for cannabis.

I loved having this event, I plan to do more in the future. Subscribe to Weed Mama to know when the next event will happen!

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