Botany- award winning cannabis storage that’s childproof

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This product isn’t on the market yet as it’s patent pending. However I appreciate that modern cannabis design is leaping forward into something thoughtful and beautiful, so you can proudly display in your space. Botany is one such product (although this design does resemble a scale), it’s sleek and sophisticated looking and would be something you could easily keep out in the open as part of your decor. If it does what it claims to do, this will be quite the useful product for storing cannabis and keeping it fresh.


This product was designed to keep out the kids with a programmable lock and a sealed, airtight edge to prevent anyone from prying open the box. The design lends itself to be another simple object in your space, without drawing unwanted attention.

Humidity Control
The humidity is controlled through a dial inside the box, it’s revitalized once a month by soaking it in water then microwaving. From the website The ceramic system works by having two types of reusable ceramics: one that releases humidity (a common earthenware) and one that absorbs humidity (earthenware with food safe silica beads inside). This is better than existing solutions because it doesn’t require the repurchase of humidity beads every month and also keeps waste out of landfills.” If it works, this is a great system to keep your flowers fresh and free from mold.
We look forward to this product, and more like it entering the cannabis space soon. Learn more about Botany


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