Save money on cannabis with vaporizing

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Generally speaking, you use way less cannabis when you vaporize vs. smoking a joint. Depending on how big of a joint you roll, you can use half a gram to a full gram. With vaporizing you use about 2/10 of a gram per bowl (depending on the size of the bowl).

Personally I use 1 to 3 bowls when I vaporize in the evening. Each bowl can be reheated, depending on how much you used in the previous session and how hot you had the temperature. As long as there’s green and it’s not brown all the way through, you can reheat a bowl and get another session, however it won’t taste as nice as the terpenes will have been baked off, so it will have a toasted taste.

Bonus, keep the leftovers called AVB (after vape bud) to infuse into tea or food for edibles, waste not want not!

Vaporizing allows you to get more from a gram of cannabis than smoking, one more reason to switch to vaporizing or give it a try if you’re new to cannabis. Using less means saving more over the long run plus vaporizing is gentler on the lungs and has less of a permeating smell than smoking.

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