Can you safely use cannabis and parent?

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Wine culture declares wine is their “parenting juice” well cannabis is my parenting plant.

Some of you when you hear that might picture a couple of burnouts lying around, one looks to the other through red, confused eyes “where are the kids?” the other one brushing away the chip crumbs and oreo dust “Ah shit man, I think we left them at the store!”

You see, somewhere right now there’s a parent who’s black out drunk, loading their kids into the car. That’s called substance abuse, cannabis can also be abused but that’s not what I’m talking about here.

The double standard

Recently I was interviewed for a radio segment, the two radio announcers bantering about wine culture “I guess drinking every night, even a bottle of wine could be problematic, but not necessarily” then the announcer jokes about taking a cup of chardonnay to the park to play with the kids. Enter my pre-recorded little snippet where I said cannabis can help you feel proper, normal, I was referring to microdosing, using cannabis in smaller doses to feel relaxed. After the announcers say “well we don’t know the long term effects of cannabis, and is it ok to use cannabis to feel “normal” and we need to be present with our children, we can’t be forgetful” uh huh. But apparently drinking liquor at the park with your kids is just fine. Not to mention we DO know the long term effects of alcohol and it’s not good.

That’s the problem with wine culture, it doesn’t hold a mirror up to itself and ask “is this too much? are we promoting alcoholism here?” but alcohol has had a lot of time to be normalized in society. Now getting drunk isn’t just joked about, it’s celebrated, yet cannabis is still looked down on as some dangerous substance, when it’s not, it’s quite the opposite actually.

Cannabis is so much more than getting high

You can have a glass of wine or beer in front of your children and it’s fine, I like the occasional glass of wine, especially at a dinner party. You can do that and still be functional, operate a vehicle and be ready to jump into action. Same thing with cannabis, but unfortunately we have this tired old bias of the lazy, ineffectual stoner.

I’ve devoted my whole website to teaching people how to use cannabis in a responsible way so you can feel the benefits without feeling intoxicated.

You may have an idea in your head about cannabis, maybe you once knew someone who used too much and that’s the idea of a stoner you have.  Yet you’ve met many “stoners’ in your life, you just didn’t know it. Because for some people cannabis is a way to unwind like a glass of wine or a beer, for others it’s medicine.

Cannabis is therapeutic

Being in my position I get to hear from many people on how they use cannabis to manage troublesome symptoms of an illness, where pharmaceuticals have failed them. Many of these people are parents, they do cannabis all day long to manage debilitating pain, horrible anxiety and depression, PTSD, migraines and more. It calms the symptoms of degenerative diseases, giving people a better quality of life, it’s quite literally the only thing that’s helped them.

Cannabis education is important

When someone makes a flippant comment such as “oh well you need to be present with your kids and shouldn’t smoke weed” it’s not only incredibly ignorant, it’s dismissive of the millions of people worldwide who depend on cannabis to function normally.

Alcohol has done terrible things to our society from breaking up families, to drunk driving, addiction, violent assaults, alcohol poisoning, cancer and death. Yet if we as a society can accept that, we can certainly accept a plant that has no lethal dose, doesn’t cause cancer- even when smoked and is used to help manage disease in children, animals and possibly even you one day.

You can use cannabis and not get high, just like you can drink some liquor and not get drunk. Dosing is key, those who use cannabis medicinally know how to dose properly so they can function normally. You can microdose during the day to feel relaxed, calm your temper without getting high, you can also use CBD which doesn’t cause intoxication, even in high doses.

So yes, you can safely use cannabis while parenting children, it may even make you a better parent on days when you’re at your wits end.

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