Cannabis is medicine: free the plant

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I’ve heard from many people, mostly mothers who’ve told me how cannabis quite literally saved their lives. They couldn’t function, their bodies failing them and no pharmaceutical could help them, however cannabis does help them. For them cannabis is medicine, for millions of people around the world, cannabis is medicine. We must free the plant and push for full legalization worldwide. If we can keep a dangerous substance like alcohol legal, even celebrate it, we can certainly legalize a plant with no lethal dose and that helps so many people. Don’t believe me, here’s some videos to watch to educate yourself on the healing properties of cannabis:

Ted Talk: Dr David Casarett: a doctors case for medical marijuana

A man treating himself for Parkinsons disease


This little toddler is treated for severe seizures:

Cannabis helps veterans manage PTSD
The ad CBS refused to air during the the superbowl
How it helps me

As I’m writing this I’m puffing on a CBD vape pen, not legal yet but it offers instant relief. I get bad joint pain when I’m getting a virus, it makes it so I can’t shake someones hand, can barely type but the CBD pen reduces the pain allowing me to write this article. You see, sometimes I use it therapeutically and sometimes it’s medicine for me, like today.

It’s enough now, there’s no good reason for cannabis to remain illegal worldwide, it’s absurd that it is, but the human race tends to make terrible decisions for itself. However we’re learning, we’re growing. It’s time to let go of old, outdated beliefs and see the truth. Cannabis is medicine.

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