Got Reefer Madness? A look at the insane laws around cannabis in Canada

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Can you guess what that product is? Insecticide, pepper spray, maybe bear mace?

Nope. It’s “Fleur De Lune Intimate Spray” I shit you not, that’s THC infused lube to use during sex. This is what the absurd laws around cannabis packaging has reduced us to- something that resembles a product you keep in the garage with highly toxic substances, like paint thinner. Except cannabis isn’t toxic.

Imagine walking into a wine shop to buy some Merlot and you’re faced with a store full of white plastic bottles plastered with warning labels? Health Canada wants the products to look toxic for the fear of children getting their hands on it. However have you looked at the cleaners you keep in your house with dangerous chemicals in them, do they live in horrible packaging like this? No, they don’t, some floor cleaners look like a bottle of soda. Hell, some kids were eating tide pods because they look enticing and ended up in the hospital. So why wasn’t Tide forced to change their packaging to the atrocity that you see in the intimacy spray above? Fear of cannabis from years of propaganda and reefer madness syndrome.

Let’s take a look at the hypocrisy

First lets look at the differences between the alcohol and cannabis: Alcohol can kill you if you ingest enough, you can get alcohol poisoning and it can cause organ damage. It’s a cancer causing carcinogen and according to a recent study  alcohol is the leading cause of death and disease worldwide. Cannabis has NO lethal dose, you literally can’t overdose and die on cannabis! Cannabis doesn’t cause cancer, in fact is used to treat people with cancer and the plant is being studied for it’s potential cancer fighting properties.

Alcohol is very addictive and can cause life threatening withdrawal symptoms for alcoholics. Cannabis is less addictive than caffeine. Health Canada, in a very dishonest way has labelled cannabis as this highly addictive substance, it’s simply not. There’s a difference between dependence, where it’s used daily to treat health conditions and addiction.

It can be habit forming however go without cannabis for a few days and you won’t experience withdrawal symptoms. I quit cannabis after using it daily for 6 years no problem, I quit smoking cigarettes and went through hell for a whole year. If I go one day without coffee I get a headache. This doesn’t mean some people won’t become addicted or feel withdrawals, that’s true about anything. I once worked with a lady that drank three 2l bottles of diet coke a day! Not only that but there’s no evidence yet that daily cannabis use is harmful. Of course it’s important to bring up the fact that cannabis is highly effective in treating addiction, especially with the opioid epidemic.

There’s been some studies that daily use may shrink parts of your brain, however a later studies have disputed that claim.

THC isn’t for everyone and can be dangerous for certain groups of people, this is true. If you have a serious heart condition you should know THC can cause fluctuations in your blood pressure and can speed up your heart rate. Also in young people who are predisposed to mental health issues such as schizophrenia, it’s believed THC can hasten the onset of the disorder by 3 years, according to a Harvard study, however this too is being disputed.

Knowing this now, if we compare the laws around cannabis to the laws around alcohol, you can clearly see the hysteria around cannabis is not only unfounded, it’s insane.
Cannabis: Packaging must be opaque and not appealing to minors in any way

Cannabis: You can’t advertise cannabis where minors can see it

Cannabis: You can’t bring minors into a cannabis store even with an adult

Cannabis: Packaging must have warning labels

Cannabis: Restricted THC amounts in certain products such as oils

Cannabis: Law allows municipalities to ban the sale of cannabis

There’s more but you get the idea…

Alcohol: No restrictions on packaging

Alcohol: No restrictions on marketing, there’s liquor ads on buses

Alcohol: You can bring a minor into a liquor store if accompanied with an adult

Alcohol: No warning labels

Alcohol: No restrictions, Everclear anyone?

Alcohol: No such law

Reefer Madness

I’m disappointed with Canada for how it’s treating the legalization of cannabis and the highly restrictive laws, especially health Canada’s very dishonest and misleading warnings regarding cannabis. We all knew the end of prohibition wouldn’t suddenly liberate the plant, but it’s a step. There’s still so much stigma around this plant, so much ignorance. That’s why I’m here to educate!

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