How to start with edibles

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Let me tell you, I’ve had some pretty bad experiences with edibles.  Many moons ago a friend and I split a hash brownie and holy mother or pearl was I ever messed up, I was in hell while my friend hugged to toilet until it passed. I swore off edibles for years after that. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago I was at an infused dinner, I asked for CBD only however the isolate used wasn’t CBD, it was THC. I felt like shit for six hours after that. I didn’t know I had taken THC, CBD in non-intoxicating so at first felt like I was having a stroke until I realized what it was, that can be a scary experience if you’ve never tried edibles before, or you don’t know you’ve eaten it.

Keep in mind there’s no lethal dose of THC, so if you take too much, you might feel awful but it will pass, it can’t kill you.

Edibles are potent, start low

Nothing gets you flying higher than eating THC. It feels pretty much like inhaling cannabis except it’s less in your head and more in your body. I find all of the side effects of inhaling THC is exactly the same as eating it only more amplified.

5mg or less of THC to start, wait 2 full hours before taking more, that’s the rule of thumb.

It takes about 2 hours for it to fully kick in on me, many people don’t realize that and after an hour take more not realizing they’ve taken too much. Everyone is different, some people can only tolerate a few mg of THC while others need very high doses to feel anything, this has to do with our own bodies endocannabinoid systems and how THC reacts in your body. This is why some strains will make some people feel amazing and others feel worse, it’s highly individual so when starting out, start low and go slow.

When you first try edibles, make sure you’re in a comfortable, safe place. I recommend taking CBD before and during consuming THC as it can help reduce the side effects, usually 10 to 25mg of CBD is enough.

Be cautious as a newbie at infused dinners! It’s so easy to overdo it, not only that you have to trust the chef’s dosing skills and they might be distracted. CBD infused dinners however can be great, make sure it is actually CBD, don’t just trust that’s true especially if there’s THC options floating around as they can get mixed up easily.

When you find your dose it’s magic

I’m a lightweight with THC and 5mg is my threshold. It’s the perfect amount of feeling mellow, less anxiety and pain and it lasts longer, around 6 -8 hours or more depending on the dose. Vaporizing on top of that in the evening makes it feel like I took a valium, it’s really a nice feeling.

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