Curious dads & Weed Papa’s alike, you’re welcome here too!

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Dads use cannabis too, actually most of the parents I’ve talked to over the years it’s the dads that admit to using cannabis. The moms never did, either they didn’t use it or hid their use for fear of judgment. In general using cannabis, as a parent especially has a bias, some people view cannabis users as the typical lazy stoner, irresponsible layabouts. Nothing could be further from the truth. I could shout from the rooftops the benefits of cannabis for parents but it will take time for society to finally accept this wonderful botanical.

Cannabis is mommy and daddy’s little helper

So many wine memes I see, scrolling through my facebook feed with parents declaring wine and beer as “parenting juice” or “mommy’s little helper” but replace the word wine with weed and you’ll get opinions. There’s such a lack of education around cannabis, too many powerful people have demonized this plant with ridiculous propaganda, and it worked. People fear it, even though there’s no lethal dose you can take of cannabis, it can’t kill you. It’s used as medicine to help people with chronic pain, PTSD, depression and anxiety and so many other things. It doesn’t have (as far as we know) any long lasting side effects. It’s safe to use daily as a way to unwind, yet I’m not allowed to enter a cannabis store with my kids, I can however go into a liquor store with my kids. You’re not allowed to have cannabis advertising where kids can see it, yet the other day my children stood at a bus stop next to a giant ad for beer.

Most moms and dads I know come home and pour a glass of wine or open a beer, however alcohol is a carcinogen and daily use increases your risk of cancer. Cannabis doesn’t cause cancer, it helps people with cancer. When you read about alcohol and cannabis side by side you really see how ridiculous the laws around cannabis use is, and how lax the laws around alcohol is in comparison. Now my dear parents you have an alternative, nothing wrong with enjoying a glass of wine or beer but instead of drinking that daily, you can switch it up with cannabis.

Dads and moms alike need help to unwind

Cannabis is a great way to unwind, it brings you into the present moment and closes the door on all the bullshit of the day. Watching TV or a movie on cannabis, listening to music, having sex all become much richer, more layered, sensual experiences when elevated with cannabis. It’s a vacation without going anywhere, something parents so desperately need as kids are balls of energy that never stop.

Psst Dads, the sex is great with cannabis

Exhaustion is a battle we fight as parents, this can turn any couple into the Bickersons, fighting over every little thing, resentments build and you can long for what you once had. It’s hard as a parent to maintain your relationship with your partner, cannabis however helps you get in the mood and rediscover each other, it’s an experience you can both share.

If you’re partner suffers from painful sex, difficulty with arousal or having orgasms, introduce her to cannabis. No joke, this was a lifesaver for my sex life. Especially after giving birth it’s just not a happy place down South and can take a very long time to heal. Beyond the pain it’s also the exhaustion for women and not wanting to be touched after a long day with little people clinging to you, cannabis however makes you want to touch and be touched.

Cannabis products for  Mamas and Papas

There’s so many great products on the market, the cannabis market for women is emerging beautifully. We showcase many of these products on this website however as time goes on and the market opens up wider in Canada, we’ll have many more things to share for both men (like the canna czar) and women.

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