How to use cannabis to feel the way you’re supposed to feel, you know proper

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Finding the sweet spot

There’s a sweet spot with cannabis, right before intoxication where you feel a perfect sense of inner balance. You feel calm, centered, the way you’re supposed to feel, proper.
This is the Weed Mama way, it allows you to enjoy everything cannabis has to offer, without the side effects that comes with higher doses such as forgetfulness.  Like alcohol everyone has a different tolerance level. Some people I know can drink back two glasses of wine in a short period and be perfectly fine, me I’d be very tipsy. Cannabis tolerance is similar in that each person’s tolerance level is different.

Learn now THC works with your body

The key to finding the sweet spot is with experience, knowing which strains are best for you and how they effect you at different times of the day and at different times of your cycle for women. A lot of that has to do with how the cannabinoids are reacting with your endocannabinoid system and it’s complex, many varying factors can effect why the same strain you used yesterday feels a lot stronger today.
The best way to know is to always take one hit and wait a bit to see how it feels, notice if it feels stronger than the last time you used it, then you’ll know to limit your intake. Most importantly be mindful every time you use cannabis, take a bit, wait and see, then adjust your dose accordingly and then you can always get to proper.

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