The future of cannabis is fabulous!

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I had the pleasure of attending a high tea hosted for a few of us in the Vancouver cannabis community. The event was put together by cannabis educator and brand ambassador Natalia better known as @hiiighvibes on instagram. This tea allowed us to get to sample the various products waiting for legalization. So far the public has seen the cannabis community in a very limited way. Once you see all of the wonderful products and services available, you’ll have so much fun exploring all the different ways you can experience the healing benefits of cannabis, and there’s so much to explore! But alas, many of these products will not be included in the first roll out of legalization on October 17th 2018, the government has said they will be legalizing topicals, edibles and concentrates in late 2019. So we may have to wait a bit for legalization (boo hiss), in the meantime here’s a glance at what’s to come!

Let me introduce you to some of the wonderful Vancouver based cannabis companies I had the pleasure of meeting in person, and was given a chance to sample their products.

There’s bath bombs infused with THC and CBD, THC is great for relaxing achy muscles and in topical form it’s non-intoxicating. CBD is great for eczema and pain relief. There’s also vape pen cartridges, vape pens use concentrates and they can be flavoured. The one I tried is a full spectrum 1:1 CBD to THC and it’s peppermint flavoured. I love this product, it tastes like a breath mint and it clears out the sinuses, it also cools the vapor making it lovely and smooth. The effects were barely noticeable when I used it to microdose so I felt nice and relaxed without feeling high. Both the infused bath bombs and vape pen are by

There’s THC infused pain cream and mint oil by Omni Botanicals, I used the pain cream on my fingers as they were feeling sore today and it really did help to reduce the joint pain. This pain cream would do wonders for achy muscles after a hard work out, or to ease arthritic pain in joints.

There’s  pre-roll papers in gorgeous patterns, perfect for entertaining by the  IV & XX. There’s also pre-rolled joints if you prefer not to roll your own or want them ready to take to a social event, from: Wild Life Cannabis, Roll Model and The PreRoll Factory The totebag, tea cup and saucer is by they have the most stunning cannabis accessories such as ceramic stash jars, ashtrays and cups and saucers.

I received a CBD tincture and CBD infused bath bomb by Delush. The tincture had no taste which makes it perfect for adding to smoothies or your morning coffee or tea. Even just under the tongue is nice as most tinctures I’ve tried have a very strong, unpleasant taste. We also got to sample their CBD infused body whip and they smelled just like a bakery, with freshly baked lemon cake but the fragrance was natural and soft, which is great using on your whole body.

The cute THC pendant and face oil is by @secret.scoop on instagram and included in the gift bag was a THC edible gummy candy by @productsbysec on instagram.

I love being able to show you the fabulous cannabis products that are waiting for us just around the corner, make sure to subscribe to Weed Mama to stay up to date on modern cannabis culture because there’s much more to come!

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