Want to try cannabis but don’t know where to start?

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Now that cannabis is legal, you might be curious about it but maybe feel a little intimidated by the options. Weed Mama has devoted much of our website to teaching newcomers how to start with cannabis, visit weedmama.ca/cannabis-basics to learn more.

Cannabis can be inhaled, ingested or used topically. Inhaled is the most common methods and Weed Mama recommends you start with vaporizing. It’s gentler than smoking and you’re able to control how much THC you take in, lower the temperature on the vape and you will feel lifted but not too much. Certain temperatures and certain strains (lower in THC) might not cause any high for you but will help you feel as we like to call it at Weed Mama “proper”. That just right feeling.

However smoking is a more accessible way to start, if that’s how you choose to try cannabis we strongly recommend using a bong filled with ice water as this will reduce the harshness of the smoke. We also recommend taking one hit, then waiting several minutes as some strains can sneak up on you. If you feel ok then try another, around 3 hits with a low THC strain is a good place to start whether you vaporize or smoke.

We strongly advise you use caution when trying edibles or pills/tinctures with THC. While ingesting cannabis is a great option for some people as it’s healthier than inhaling, it’s too easy to take too much THC and have a bad experience. If however this is your chosen method, start with 5mg of THC or less, if you don’t feel anything after 2 full hours (it’s important you wait 2 hours as it can take that long to kick in) you can try a bit more. However we recommend you wait until the next day and start with a higher dose, around 10mg and see how you feel. Ingesting cannabis lasts for hours so keep that in mind before trying cannabis this way.

THC, what gives you the high

There’s over 100 cannabinoids in cannabis, THC is the most prevalent cannabinoid and it’s the one responsible for the high you feel. THC works by binding to cannabiniod receptors in the brain. This is what causes the mind altering effect. The more THC you consume the more elevated you’ll feel. Some people love that feeling, others won’t.

When you take THC you feel uplifted, relaxed and it can heighten your senses however cannabis creates a different reaction depending on tolerance and how you’re using it. Everyone is different, similar to alcohol it depends on how much you take and what type. Drinking a bottle of wine will feel a lot different than just a glass. You can get a light buzz on cannabis or get very high depending on how much you consume.

What are the side effects?

THC has side effects that vary from person to person, some of you might feel more side effects depending on your tolerance. A full glass of wine might feel like nothing in one person and yet in someone else give them the spins.

The most common side effects of THC:

  • forgetfulness
  • dizziness
  • sleepiness
  • increased appetite
  • anxiety in higher doses

Go easy

The best way to start cannabis is to go easy on the THC, you might not feel much but that’s ok, you can do a higher dose next time until you find your sweet spot and for everyone that’s different. Experiment with different strains and strengths, visit our page on buying cannabis to learn about dosage.

If you hate how it makes you feel, don’t worry it won’t last long

Smoking or vaping cannabis lasts at the most an hour, vaporizing lasts about 1/2 hour and the strongest effects ease off after around 15 minutes. So it’s safe to give it a try, it won’t last long and it won’t hurt you, you might not like how it feels but you might also feel really good. How will you feel? The only way to know is to try it.


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