Got tummy troubles? Cannabis can help!

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So you’ve finished you’re thanksgiving feast but now all the foods you’ve eaten are fighting in your digestive system making you feel like you may need to hang near a toilet for a few hours. We’ve all been there, especially for those of us who suffer from I.B.S (irritable bowel syndrome) and GERD. Horrible cramps, burning, gas, belching and nausea all can be relieved with cannabis.

There’s evidence that cannabinoids (chemical compounds of cannabis) protect the digestive system by inhibiting gastric acid and inflammation. This is welcome news for people who have to rely on prescription drugs to manage the symptoms

Ok great but I don’t want to get high

Great news, you don’t have to get high to experience the healing properties of this incredible plant. Thanks to legalized cannabis, we not only have a better understanding of the plant and its healing properties, we also have new methods of taking cannabis such as vaporizing.

Low temperature vaping (Weed Mama recommends this method)

Vaporizers work by heating the cannabis and creating a vapor that you inhale, similar to smoking but much more controlled and safer for the lungs. Lowering the temperature of the vape enables you to get the wonderful properties of the plant without it effecting your cognitive functions too much. This is a highly effective way of reducing indigestion and stomach upset, it relaxes your stomach and reduces spasms. Adding a bubbler with ice cold water also cools the vapor further. As cannabis can have varying results in different people, vaping is a safe way to try as the effects don’t last nearly as long as other methods, the effects of vaping start to wear off after 20 minutes or so depending on various factors such as how you feel that day, your own tolerance level and how much you inhaled.

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