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Lovely, flavourful & elegant blueberry strains

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Many people ask me about strains, what’s the best one to try, how they work and so on. It’s a very individual thing, how cannabis reacts to the receptors in our body is unique. However, if we’re talking about terpenes, the most gorgeous terpenes can be found in blueberry strains. What are terpenes? Terpenes are the essential oils of the cannabis plant, the terpenes gives each strain it’s unique flavour and aroma profile (they also …

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Cannabis isn’t safe for everyone

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My entire website is to celebrate this wonder plant and the many ways it can help people, however I think it’s important to also talk about the risks. Those who are at risk for serious side effects While cannabis isn’t lethal at any dose, THC can have serious side effects for some people who are high risk. My father is a good example, he had a heart aneurysm a few years ago and has to …

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Save money on cannabis with vaporizing

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Generally speaking, you use way less cannabis when you vaporize vs. smoking a joint. Depending on how big of a joint you roll, you can use half a gram to a full gram. With vaporizing you use about 2/10 of a gram per bowl (depending on the size of the bowl). Personally I use 1 to 3 bowls when I vaporize in the evening. Each bowl can be reheated, depending on how much you used …

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Customizing your “high” with vaporizing cannabis

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One of the greatest things about vaporizing cannabis, is your ability to customize your high, or choose how lifted you feel. With other methods such as smoking or eating cannabis, you don’t have the kind of flexibility that you do with vaporizing, and the terpenes! The terpenes are best experienced through vaporizing. Customizing based on activity: Microdosing When you need to be alert and ready to jump into action, you have to make sure you …

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Mary Jane’s Brunch: I’ll be on the panel to answer your questions about cannabis & sex

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Join me on February 23rd for the Mary Jane’s brunch. A monthly event hosted by Canweedine to talk candidly about cannabis wellness and lifestyle options. This month the topic is cannabis and sex and I’ll be one of the speakers on the panel. I’ll answer questions about the thing that got me be back into cannabis after a 6 year hiatus, and that’s sex. I’ve even devoted and entire page of my site to it! …

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Velvet Vagina, it’s a thing, ladies! How cannabis fixed painful sex

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When I talk about velvet vagina, usually I get “oh? do tell!” Here’s the thing, years ago I was suffering from painful sex after birthing two children and all the exhaustion and anxiety that comes with being a parent. Sex was something that became a thing that used to be fun. I still wanted to have sex but it became painful, you start to psyche yourself out from trying because you’re worried it will hurt. …

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“I don’t like the way it makes me feel” -how to use cannabis properly so it feels good

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The most common thing I hear from women resistant to trying cannabis again is “I just don’t like the way it makes me feel” and I get that, however things have changed in the past few years. There’s options for different types of strains and strengths however beyond that, there’s a right way and a wrong way to use cannabis. Use it the wrong way and you’ll feel bad. Why it made you feel bad …

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Can you safely use cannabis and parent?

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Wine culture declares wine is their “parenting juice” well cannabis is my parenting plant. Some of you when you hear that might picture a couple of burnouts lying around, one looks to the other through red, confused eyes “where are the kids?” the other one brushing away the chip crumbs and oreo dust “Ah shit man, I think we left them at the store!” You see, somewhere right now there’s a parent who’s black out drunk, …

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Cannabis is medicine: free the plant

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I’ve heard from many people, mostly mothers who’ve told me how cannabis quite literally saved their lives. They couldn’t function, their bodies failing them and no pharmaceutical could help them, however cannabis does help them. For them cannabis is medicine, for millions of people around the world, cannabis is medicine. We must free the plant and push for full legalization worldwide. If we can keep a dangerous substance like alcohol legal, even celebrate it, we …

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Pre-order limited addition Primavera Green Queen teacup and saucer set

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Primavera green for our Queen One super fun thing about is their limited runs for styles of their teacups and stash jars. Their new Primavera Green Queen limited edition cannabis leaf teacup and saucer set, makes me want to throw on some Edith Piaf and invite some friends over for high tea with some lovely infused delicacies and just enjoy good conversation and the civilized life. Right now you can pre-order their Primavera Queen …