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Free 3 part mini series from cannabis coach Lady Nowe -Time sensitive!

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If you’re curious about cannabis coaching but aren’t ready to commit, check out this FREE 3 part mini series by yoga, lifestyle and cannabis coach, Lady Nowe. But you only get it until January 9th, so you better sign up now before it’s gone! What you get in this free introductory course: BONUS: At the end of the series you will receive an exclusive offer for 15% off her two brand new coaching programs starting …

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Cannabis for depression

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This time of year is hard for many of us. With the short dark days I feel seasonal affective disorder or SAD. I have to fight it hard. I grew up in a bootstrap family, deal with it, suck it up. It’s believed to give you resilience, mostly it’s dismissive and it makes you feel as though you’re a burden. You don’t want to feel this way, it just seems impossible to feel any other …

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Weed Mama’s Holiday Gift Guide 2018

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Finally, cannabis products designed with women in mind! When I first started Weed Mama I sought out cannabis brands for women and these are some of the brands I instantly fell in love with. Check out these fabulous products that will made the perfect gift this holiday season! High tea anyone? If you’re looking for a squeal worthy gift this holiday season, look no further than Beautiful teacups, stash jars and ashtrays made …

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How Cannabis saved my sex life

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For me, sex is very important. The connection, the release, the intimacy all of it’s a big part of my well being. Unfortunately I also deal with generalized anxiety/panic disorder, a condition I’ve struggled with my whole life (bad genetics). Anxiety goes into my body and creates pain throughout my joints and muscles, including my vagina. I’ve often had issues with painful sex, which was made so much worse after my children were born. When …

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Curious dads & Weed Papa’s alike, you’re welcome here too!

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Dads use cannabis too, actually most of the parents I’ve talked to over the years it’s the dads that admit to using cannabis. The moms never did, either they didn’t use it or hid their use for fear of judgment. In general using cannabis, as a parent especially has a bias, some people view cannabis users as the typical lazy stoner, irresponsible layabouts. Nothing could be further from the truth. I could shout from the …

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How to start with edibles

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Let me tell you, I’ve had some pretty bad experiences with edibles.  Many moons ago a friend and I split a hash brownie and holy mother or pearl was I ever messed up, I was in hell while my friend hugged to toilet until it passed. I swore off edibles for years after that. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago I was at an infused dinner, I asked for CBD only however the …

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An introduction to vape pens

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Concentrates aren’t legal until October of 2019 however they’re huge in the U.S and worth mentioning so those of you who are unfamiliar can learn about concentrates. Concentrates are essentially extracts with highly concentrated THC and CBD that comes in many forms.  You may have heard of concentrates being referred to as wax, budder, shatter, rosin and oil. The cannabinoids are extracted using solvents, the most common being butane and CO2. What I want to …

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3 ways cannabis is beneficial to parents

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I can sing the praises of cannabis all day, every day and how it helps me as a parent but that’s because I’m a regular user and I know first hand how beneficial it is for my overall well-being. If you’ve never used cannabis before, here’s three ways cannabis can help you as a parent: 1.Being Present This for me is what’s most beneficial, the way cannabis like magic brings you into the here and …

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How to use cannabis to feel the way you’re supposed to feel, you know proper

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Finding the sweet spot There’s a sweet spot with cannabis, right before intoxication where you feel a perfect sense of inner balance. You feel calm, centered, the way you’re supposed to feel, proper. This is the Weed Mama way, it allows you to enjoy everything cannabis has to offer, without the side effects that comes with higher doses such as forgetfulness.  Like alcohol everyone has a different tolerance level. Some people I know can drink …

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Cannabis makes me a better parent

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I used to scroll through my Facebook feed and come across Wine Mom, a fun Buzzfeed segment where a mom named Hannah would drink and talk about motherhood. Every time she would open with “wine makes me a better parent”. I enjoyed the videos but would also think “where’s Weed Mom?” that’s when I conceived of Weed Mama. Mommy shaming While Wine Mom’s comments section was filled with laughter and high five’s, over on other …