The cannabis we consume comes from the female plant, and she really does love us. 


Our modern queen isn't like the stuff you used to smoke

"I just don't like the way cannabis makes me feel" the number one thing I've heard from all women who once used cannabis and no longer do. I quit cannabis for that reason as well but that was before weed 2.0.  Cannabis used to be grown to be high in THC and we usually smoked it which makes THC even more potent. Now we can buy cannabis lower in THC and we can vaporize it which is less potent and harsh than smoking. Or we can take it in tinctures and pills and even take cannabis without THC so we can get the medical properties without intoxication.

What this healing botanical does for women


Most of the women I know especially moms have anxiety, it's almost a package deal that comes with the vagina. That and the hormone induced mood swings that can really bring you down into a funk. Cannabis can really lift your mood and calm the nerves, giving you a vacation from the tension.

CBD reduces the side effects of THC. THC can make anxiety worse, it does for me if I take too much and if I don't pair it with enough CBD. I take capsules of CBD to help reduce the side effects of THC and one of those for me is anxiety.


Cannabis reduces the symptoms of PMS, and gives a welcome reprieve from the bloating and the aching belly. Cannabis also helps with the wicked mood swings, hot flashes and general discomfort women get from  perimenopause,  menopause and hormone imbalances. Cannabis is the heaven to your hormonal hell.


Cannabis can help reduce all kinds of pain. I started getting horrible pain in my coccyx about a year after my son was born and it was much worse during PMS, as menstruation worsens this kind of pain. If I took CBD in combination with a low to medium dose of THC the pain completely subsided.

Arthritis- CBD and THC combined are a power duo when it comes to fighting joint pain, taken topically in the form of salves and bath soaks, cannabis can be a welcome reprieve from aching joints.



Cannabis is so amazing for sex we've devoted an entire page to it!
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CBD- get the therapuetic benefits of cannabis without the high

CBD is a salve for our over-stimulated, tense bodies. It calms your system down so you can relax and just be. CBD doesn't have any known side effects and doesn't get you high. CBD is a natural sleep aid and muscle relaxant, it also helps reduce chronic pain and relieve anxiety. CBD is scientifically proven to treat severe childhood epilepsy, without any known side effects and can be tolerated in high doses. It's truly a miracle cannabinoid.

CBD can be taken ingested, inhaled or used topically in creams, salves and in a transdermal patch. Visit our page CBD explained to learn more