Weed Mama’s Holiday Gift Guide 2018

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Finally, cannabis products designed with women in mind! When I first started Weed Mama I sought out cannabis brands for women and these are some of the brands I instantly fell in love with. Check out these fabulous products that will made the perfect gift this holiday season!

High tea anyone?


If you’re looking for a squeal worthy gift this holiday season, look no further than Fashionablyhigh.ca. Beautiful teacups, stash jars and ashtrays made with the female cannabis consumer in mind. They were the first brand I discovered and I adore their products. The picture is from my own collection. The stash jars are ceramic and air tight so you’re flowers will stay fresher longer, especially if you add a bovida pack.  Their teacups are hand dipped so each one is unique and their ceramics come in a variety of styles and options.

Visit Fashionablyhigh.ca to shop Use promocode WMFH at the checkout for 10% off your purchase.

Nourishment for your skin

Blissed Love

One of the most exciting things I discovered when I first explored modern cannabis was the multitude of infused creams and cosmetics that were on the market, especially in the United States. In my research I’ve learned about the wonderful benefits THC and CBD infused products have on your skin, when applied topically. Blissed Love has a variety of infused Ayurvedic products to choose from, my favourite is their bathbomb.  The bathbombs are infused with THC and CBD, so the longer you soak in the tub, the more relaxed you’ll feel. I also enjoy their infused face creams. I get very tight skin in the winter, that no cream seems to be able to handle however Blissed Love’s face cream actually worked to reduce the tightness.

Visit Blissed Love’s online shop and make someone very happy, and super relaxed.

For the sophisticated smoker

Leaff Gift Set

This gorgeous set comes with your choice of  gemstone crystal  pipe (these pipes make me want to try smoking again!) you can choose between howlite, amazonite and rose quartz. The set also contains a leaff grinder, everything you need to start with cannabis, a good choice for a newbie who wants to try smoking cannabis.

Get this set Leaffshop.ca use promocode WMLEAFF for 15% off your purchase.

It’s a vase and it’s a bong


My Bud Vase

A bong designed just for women, discreet and beautiful. Throw some flowers in it when you’re done and now it’s a vase. I adore cannabis products you can leave around and they enhance your environment with elegant design. Bongs are a great way to cool down the smoke, reducing irritation so you don’t cough. There’s several different styles to choose from.

My Bud Vase is available from Leaffshop.ca use promocode WMLEAFF for 15% off your purchase.


It’s a joint clip and it’s a necklace

High Society Collection

Now you can wear your joint clip in style. High Society Collection has a number of beautiful necklaces that double as joint clips. They also sell gorgeous rings and earrings.

Their joint clips are available at Leaffshop.ca use promocode WMLEAFF for 15% off your purchase.

For the festive smoker

IVXX Holiday Gift Set

This super fun holiday gift set for cannabis smokers can be personalized! The gift set includes: 1 Customized handmade glass ornament (you choose the name), 1 stash jar (choose the letter to monogram on the top), 6 pretty prerolls, 2 jeweled cone holders and pink kush rolling papers.

Buy this set at 4andtwently.ca and use promocode WMIVXX for 15% off your purchase.


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