Holiday season is coming so we’re giving you a discount when you shop at!

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Welcome to a new dawn of cannabis for women, where style and sophistication is redefining modern cannabis culture. is one such company that makes cannabis accessories for those of you who adore beautiful things.


Their teacups, stash jars and ashtrays are handmade in Canada and each cup is hand dipped and unique. The mandala represents the cannabis flower and the leaf is the heart, radiating out from the centre, representing the healing flow of energy from cannabis.

The stash jars are made of ceramic, perfect for storing cannabis flowers however you can store anything you want in there from makeup to cookies.

The perfect gift would make the perfect gift this holiday season, and right now you can get a limited edition marbled rose gold ashtray and stash jars! They have many other products to choose from as well, such as waterproof totebags (perfect for moms on the go), rosebud coffee mugs and cannabis leaf patterned pillow cases, so you can finally feel proud that you love cannabis and aren’t afraid to show it off!

Weed Mama adores this brand and is lucky enough to have been gifted a teacup and saucer, every time I open my cupboard I’m greeted by beauty and design putting to shame my other cups.

Treat yourself!

Ladies, you deserve to feel special, moms you deserve to have nice things and so Weed Mama and have teamed up to give you a discount, use promocode WMFM and get 10% off anything in their store! So hurry and get those limited edition rose gold stash jars before they’re gone!

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